Boring International Week – Thoughts On The Past Month

There’s been a lot of football played over the past month but work has been hectic and I haven’t found a spare hour or so to just sit down and express my thoughts until now. We’re in the midst of the boring international week which I’m sure no one in the UK enjoys so now seems like a good time to catch up on recent games while there isn’t any meaningful football being played.

I Won Money Betting On The Cup Final 🙂

I said back in January that I’m not much of a gambler but I intended on placing a small bet on the EFL Cup final and that’s exactly what I did. I placed my bet online with SkyBet who I’ve used for various forms of online gambling over the years and I won just over £20 with a bet of around £30 on us to win.

Obviously, this is not life changing money and it’s only something I do once in a while just to add that extra something to the game. My next bet will be on the Europa League final, assuming we get there of course which is what I’m expecting. My previous bet was on the FA cup final last year. I don’t even remember my bet before that because there hasn’t been many special occasions over the past few seasons.

Other than that, I occasionally use Sky for their live roulette site which is a fun way to pass some time when I’m bored. I enjoy the occasional spin of roulette because it’s exciting, unpredictable and very easy to play once you know how. Like my bets on football, my roulette sessions are few and far between, 3 or 4 times a year perhaps. Anything more than that would be unhealthy. If we get to the final, I will be sure to let you know about my bet and how much I win or in the worst case scenario, lose.

Disappointing After The Final

The game after the final was the awful 1 – 1 draw at home to Bournemouth which was a terrible result. Zlatan was particularly poor not only because of the penalty he missed, but the chances he missed too. He’s had games in a United shirt where he’s been completely anonymous but this was definitely his worst game. His obvious elbow just just compounded a very bad day for him which we’re still suffering from now because of the needless ban. It’s easy to forgive him for this poor game though considering that he won the cup final for us the week before.

Then there was the loss at Chelsea which, let’s be honest, no one was really expecting to get anything from anyway. Chelsea have been our bogey team for years and even before Zlatan’s ban, we weren’t the favourites. The sending off for Herrera in the first half completely killed the game even if Rashford did have a great chance which he should’ve scored.

Either side of the Chelsea game, we had the games against Rostov which felt like a dead rubber. Both were incredibly boring and the overall feeling when the games ended was relief that they had finally finished. I’m expecting more of the same in the next games against Anderlecht.

Despite how boring all the games have been so far, I really want to see the team win the Europa League. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not what we should be aspiring for long term but seen as how we’re in it, we may as well make a really push for it and I was very disappointed last season when Van Gaal just gave up against Liverpool.

I would take the Europa League over a top 4 finish without hesitation and Mourinho said something similar last week. The EFL cup and Europa League would mark a prerry decent season, even though there have been several Van Gaalesque results such as the Bournmouth game, Burnley, Stoke and several others.

Everybody Hates The International Week

Like most fans of Premier League clubs, I hate the International break. Living in Scotland, I have friends who don’t follow the Premier League and enjoy watching Scotland play (even though we’re rubbish) but I’m not interested at all. For me, it’s two weeks of no football.

It’s worse at the start of the season when it seems that there’s an international break every few weeks which ruins the flow of the season. At least with this international break, as annoying as it is, it’s the first in a few months and there won’t be another before the end of the season. I wish they would just do away with the mid season international friendlies altogether.

Hard Run Until The End Of The Season

There are 11 games to go until the end of the season and the top 4 is still in our own hands, despite all the disappointing draws. The next 3 games could be described as “winnable” although when you are Manchester United almost every game should be described as winnable. The next 3 games are home to West Brom, Everton and then away at Sunderland.

The West Brom game should be an easy win but as we’ve seen multiple times this season, the home games against mid to lower table teams have been extremely frustrating and have largely ended in disappointment. While Everton are a good side, I’m actually expecting it to be an easier game than West Brom because they’ll actually try and play football and the game at Sunderland should be an easy win.

Following these games, things get more difficult with games away at Arsenal, Spurs and Man City to come, as well as the home game against Chelsea. If we’re to get in the top 4, we really need to be getting as many points as possible in the games leading up to our clashes against the top 4 rivals. There’s also the fact that around these crunch games with our rivals, there’ll be the Europa League games too. It’s certainly going to be an intense 8 weeks until the end of these season and I suspect that by the next time I post here, we’ll have a much clearer idea about which direction the season is heading in.

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