Liverpool Get Mourinho’d, Again!

Last night’s game at Anfield was a fantastic display and result. Forget what you read in the media about 35% possession, no identity and negative; it was a good result. Leading up to the game, Liverpool were the heavy favourites and they were well and truly brought back down to earth by a very well drilled and disciplined United team and we should have won had it not been for the awful miss from Zlatan.

I really liked Mourinho’s comments after the game about Liverpool “not being the last wonder of the world” which is a snipe at the media who have been hyping them up for the past week. Mourinho used the same tactics he’s used against Liverpool in the past and Anfield was the quietest it’s ever been. You could hear their bench shouting instructions throughout the game it was so quiet. The game plan was to slow the temp down, frustrate Liverpool, stop them pressing in the midfield, win the duals in the air via the long ball and hit them with a sucker punch. It would’ve gone to plan had Zlatan not messed up his header in the second half.

My Summary Of The Game

Zlatan was dreadful – He was slow all night, his hold up play left a lot to be desired and he gave the ball away several times. To top it off he had that awful miss where he should have at least hit the target but he instead put it across the face of goal. It’s hard to know whether or not he was actually going for goal or putting it back across for someone else which seems like a strange thing to do seen as how there was no one within 15 yards of him and he would surely have known that. Whatever his intentions where, he made a right old mess of it and he was our worst player on the night.

Herrera stepping up – I’ve never really taken to Herrera like most other fans have but he was well deserving of his man of the match last night. If he can put in more performances like that, his place in the starting 11 will finally be nailed on.

Rashford is not a winger – I’m getting a bit tired of seeing Rashford starting on the wing. Either play him up front or don’t bother. His close control is nowhere near as good as Martial’s because he just boots the ball a mile ahead of himself and tries to run on to it. Every game he gives possession away either by hitting the ball too far ahead of himself or by running it out of play. Incidentally, I’m becoming very concerned about Martial who is clearly more talented than Rashford and I am probably going to do a post about this in a couple of weeks if things don’t change.

De Gea being De Gea – I see some Liverpool fans online saying that United only got the draw because of two great saves by De Gea. My response to that is simple. He’s the best goalkeeper in the world and this is just what he does. He’s part of the Manchester United team and he did the job that all United fans have come to expect from him. There’s nothing to see here.

While a win is better than a draw, there’s no doubt in my mind that the result last night was better for United than for Liverpool and our fans will certainly be happier both with the result and the performance. With another tough trip to Chelsea coming this weekend, it was important to avoid going there on the back of a loss and that’s exactly what we’ve done.



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